Dearest patrons,

We are open during this shut-down to assist you with your auto care and service needs. Governor Inslee has listed Automotive Service and Repair as an Essential Workforce under the heading of Transportation and Logisitics With the onset of this aggressive virus, we want to assuage fears and let you know we are doing our part to limit exposure and protect you, our customers and employees.

We have doubled down on protective measures by thoroughly disinfecting our office throughout the day, sanitizing tools and vehicles for your safety and that of our employees. Our policy has always been to have our technicians wear fresh gloves on every vehicle, including when driving.

Our staff is adhering to the self-quarantine mandate if there are any symptoms of illness personally or with immediate family so as to minimize risk to customers, staff and delivery personnel.

Our waiting room is temporarily closed to comply with distancing standards recommended by the CDC. We apologize for any inconvenience but are doing our best to offset any difficulty this imposes. We encourage you to make arrangements to drop off your vehicle. If that isn't possible, we are offering pickup and delivery service on a limited basis. Please call for details. We have text and email links to live video, pictures, and chat to keep you in the loop, handle authorizations, and answer any questions you may have while your car is in our care. We are prepared to meet you in the parking lot or service drive in inclement weather should you desire to avoid coming into the office. 

If you’d like to drop off your vehicle outside of our business hours, there is a key drop in the main service bay door (brass, flip-up mail slot). Please leave a note with it, call and leave a detailed message, or email us with your information. We will be in touch right away.

With many out of work or suddenly finding their income limited, we have some deferred interest payment options available. We are also offering some financial assistance to those hit the hardest by this economic downturn on a case by case basis for critical repairs. If you are in the fortunate position to help out, we are open book and full disclosure with any funds donated and appreciate your assistance in supporting our community.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please let us know if there is anything we can do specifically for you.

Our prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and the thousands of small businesses and parents that have had their worlds turned upside down. Stay strong and calm. We’ll get through this together!


Dean & Bonnie Simmons​